Building Muscle Mass Fast

Have you been working out for some time now and you still barely look like you actually do weight training? If you’re a skinny guy looking for an effective way to build muscle mass, then you may want to consider Vince Delmonte’s 21 day fast mass building program. It's the very same muscle building program that over 100 people used to get muscle gains of 12 pounds in just 21 days!

I will share with you my top five principles for building muscle mass based on Vince Delmonte’s training program. Every skinny guy should follow these principles seriously in order to build muscle mass.

1. You should increase your calorie consumption

One of the top reasons why a lot of skinny guys fail to build muscle mass is their inadequate calorie consumption. If you really desire to bulk up and gain big muscles, you should increase your regular calorie consumption. You should know the amount of your recommended calorie intake. You can find out by using the calorie calculator found in the Vince Delmonte official website. Your recommended calorie intake is determined by your current body weight, level of body fat and your non-exercise activity.

2. Follow a proven program that targets the complete body

Besides the importance of following the proper diet, make sure that you follow a proven muscle building program that focuses on developing your entire physique. A lot of skinny guys fail to build lean muscle because they split their workouts to upper part and lower part exercises, which only restricts complete muscle growth. Vince’s program aims to teach you how to organize exercises for your muscles’ optimum gain. You will learn to stimulate all your muscles adequately for efficient muscle growth. 

3. You need to be goal-specific

Being specific to your goals is one of the most important principles in bodybuilding.
If you are serious in attaining your objectives, it is essential to be specific. This principle is found on the law of causality – for every cause, you get an equivalent effect. This basically means for every specific action, you get a specific reaction. So applying stress to a particular muscles (cause) gets you a particular adaptation (effect).

4. Increase the weights that you lift every week
Keep in mind that your muscles will refuse to work any harder than their regular function. Since your muscles don’t want to work any harder, they will only use a certain ratio of muscle fibers necessary to perform their basic function. Your muscles are lazy and would only wake up in emergency situations. From this principle, we find out that it is important that we give extreme stress to our muscles. The only effective method for massive muscle gain is to increase the weights every week.

5. You need to intensify all your workouts

One of the main disadvantages in measuring intensity is the fact that it is subjective and determined by gut feelings – not really the most effective gauge in bodybuilding. So how can you be sure if the intensity in your workout is adequate? I will share with you a very easy formula to measure the intensity of your workout. You should calculate the total poundage in your one-set all-out set, instead of keeping track of weights and reps. Follow this simple equation – Multiply your reps by the weight you’re lifting. For example, you’re doing 10 repetitions of 225 lbs. 10 x 225 = the total poundage is 2250 lbs. The same equation can be used if you want to compare the total poundage in your next workout session. Let’s say you finished 8 reps at 245 lbs. 8 x 245 = the total poundage is 1960 lbs. Clearly, the intensity is lower, and lower means not good. This means the recovery period is insufficient and you need to add extra day.

You now have these proven principles, it’s time to go for it and put them into practice.